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Master YOUR Practice with Missi D’Arcy
Once a month Monday evenings 615-815pm in place of our regular All Level class.

These workshops are for students that have begun to establish a regular practice looking to strengthen his or her knowledge and physical practice and take their practice to the next level. These classes are not recommended for those brand new to yoga.
For those students interested in working on a category of poses or a certain part of the body, you will learn techniques that you can take to your practice in other classes.
We’ll take some time at the beginning of the class to review alignment, focus, intention, breath and letting go of expectations of what a posture should ‘look’ like and explore what feels good for you. You will then be guided through a class sequence based on the focus of the class.

April 14th – Hips & Seated Poses

Cost $15 for members
$18 for non-members
You can pre-register for this event or walk-ins are welcome.
register here

Sunday April 20th Easter, One class ONLY 9-1015am All Level by donation
My husband Tom is running his first Boston Marathon for Team Bauman. Jeff lost both his legs in the Marathon waiting for his girlfriend to cross the finish line. Tom knew his family and him as a kid. This year there are an extra 11,000 runners who were given the opportunity to write an essay on how the tragedy touched them. Tom was one of the lucky chosen. Even though his team is running in support of Jeff Bauman, Jeff has requested that all funds go to the two organizations that have helped him in his continued recovery. You can donate at the studio or if you’d like to help out you can chose one of the links below. NO amount is too small!!!
Challenged Athletes Fund
Wiggle Your Toes

Headstand Workshop with Sarah Jones
Saturday April 26th 1-3pm

Headstands are a beautiful part of your practice that you can access at any time when you learn the proper alignment and functions of this pose. The headstand activates the core, increases brain function, and makes you feel alive with energy. The headstand is known as the king pose of yoga due to it’s heat inducing affects. We will learn to move with awareness from very basic movements into more complex stable poses. Honor your own body. Learn to tap into your body’s energy. Remember “half an orange tastes just as sweet as a full orange.”

This workshop is for those with a regular practice, injury free and a curiosity to explore inversions.

$15 for Members with early registration (sign up and pay at studio)
$20 for early registration
$25 April 24 – Day of

register here

FLASH YogaFLASH Yoga operates on the idea that the world is our studio. FLASH Yoga is a new program we’re introducing at Symmetry Yoga in which we’ll be hosting yoga classes or yoga related events off site at interesting, picturesque, inspirational, fascinating locations and spaces. Yoga in parks and on beaches are popular because they offer the chance to combine the power of familiar precision with the experience of being in a different and intriguing setting.

We will secure many of these FLASH spaces early enough to put them on the regular event schedule on our website, but many will require us to use Facebook and Twitter to announce Flash events, so anyone interested in receiving FLASH Yoga event information, please like us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter. We will constantly be looking for new FLASH virtual studios and announce them on our website and social media. Information will include description and location of Flash site, day and time, duration, capacity, fee, teacher, class type, facilities at the site, parking, directions, and any specific information or suggestions.

If you have, or know of, a space you think might be ideal for a FLASH Yoga class, please contact us here.

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