Please come and enjoy the happenings we’ll be hosting, participating in or recommending.


Beginning Wednesday April 4th – Wednesday April 22

A 4 week session for the kids! Ages 4-12 with Sarah!
Yoga can help kids become active. It can help kids achieve balance & coordination, focus & concentration, self-esteem & confidence.
Drop them off for an hour to yourself or you are welcome to stay and observe or play.
$40 for all 4 weeks or drop-in for $12 per class
Do you have 2 children that would like to attend? *Second child is half price!
*Please purchase second childs classes at studio for discount.
Pre-register here

Easter Sunday Charity Class for Yoga Reaches Out with Missi
Sunday April 5th 9-10:15am

FLASH YogaFLASH Yoga operates on the idea that the world is our studio. FLASH Yoga is a new program we’re introducing at Symmetry Yoga in which we’ll be hosting yoga classes or yoga related events off site at interesting, picturesque, inspirational, fascinating locations and spaces. Yoga in parks and on beaches are popular because they offer the chance to combine the power of familiar precision with the experience of being in a different and intriguing setting.

We will secure many of these FLASH spaces early enough to put them on the regular event schedule on our website, but many will require us to use Facebook and Twitter to announce Flash events, so anyone interested in receiving FLASH Yoga event information, please like us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter. We will constantly be looking for new FLASH virtual studios and announce them on our website and social media. Information will include description and location of Flash site, day and time, duration, capacity, fee, teacher, class type, facilities at the site, parking, directions, and any specific information or suggestions.

If you have, or know of, a space you think might be ideal for a FLASH Yoga class, please contact us here.

Fun Stuff – SUP Yoga, Yoga & Hiking, more…