Beginner Basics

Never tried yoga? New to yoga or wanting to re-establish your foundation? This class is for you! More focus is placed on proper alignment, holding poses to refine alignment, the basic poses (asanas) & reminding you to breathe. All levels welcome!


This class will move at a slower pace. More time to warm up the body, giving time to stretch & renew the body and mind. All levels welcome!

All Levels

Classes will cater to those that attend class on that particular day. This class will offer modifications for the newer student, and more challenging poses for the experienced student. This class is for any level of practitioner and as always only do what you can do.

Power(Intermediate-Advanced Level 2/3)

Power Vinyasa

Step it up! For those with a solid foundation to their practice, and an understanding of sun salutations (vinyasa’s)
A faster paced class with more vinyasa’s, more challenging poses, including inversions. For your first class we recommend a Beginner or All Levels class if you are new to our studio.

Kommuter Karma (All Level)

Holding that steering wheel too tight? Stuck in traffic and in the car too long? Frustrated with other drivers? This is the perfect class to help reverse those effects! Avoid the rush, stop in for a yoga class before going home. Work your shoulders, open your heart, stretch your legs. Take a break, refresh yourself! All levels welcome!

Yoga Core

While yoga is really all about the core, in yogacore we get even deeper. Come prepared to have fun & work hard! All levels welcome!


Restorative yoga is a class aimed to realign and rejuvenate the body by holding supported relaxing poses for longer periods of time. Through breath work and chakra alignment the body learns to soften and reenergize itself. This healing class is great for all levels of students looking to find serenity in the body, mind, and heart.
All levels welcome!


Teens 12 – 17 welcome in *any of our Beginner or All Level regular drop in classes with accompanying parent or guardian. *Power Vinyasa classes NOT recommended

Corporate & Groups

Studies have shown that typical results of a regular yoga practice will raise a worker’s focus and energy levels, improve attitude and increase productivity. The physical effects on overall health and fitness can also translate into less time out due to illness or injury. More companies and organizations of every size and type are now offering yoga instruction to employees, either at their facility or at a discounted rate or group in a local studio, as a component of a high end benefits package. If you have an interested group of any size or experience level, and would like to know more, please call 603-397-5558 or email