Yoga is a 5000 year old system of physical and mental exercises that began as a way to gain a healthy body and a heightened level of self-awareness. Today, yoga is practiced throughout the world as a physical exercise that also brings a sense of peace and greater clarity. The word ‘yoga’ in Sanskrit means ‘to join or yoke together’ bringing the body, mind, and spirit into one harmonious, balanced experience.


Whether you have never done yoga, been away for a while or even practice regularly; if you are recovering from an injury or ailment; if you’re just looking for a respite from a noisy life, or ready for a life-changing transformation, yoga will help you reach – and surpass – your goals. Teens and twenty-somethings looking for a way to stay young longer; young adults who discover they want a workout for their mind as well as their body; baby boomers transitioning to a challenging, low-impact exercise and relaxation program for the rest of their lives; people who have never been active and fear it might now be too late or beyond their capability – all and more are discovering every day how yoga can be the path upon which all these journeys are taken.


Breathing in a steady rhythm, practitioners progress through a series of poses, or asanas, holding some, moving swiftly through others, that offer challenges to strength, stamina and flexibility. As these challenges are met and overcome class after class, week after week, all three will improve dramatically while focus and concentration are sharpened.


Yoga is transformational. The most well known and visible benefits to doing yoga regularly are physical: slender physique, long, powerful limbs, strong core and an amazing level of flexibility and balance. As regular practitioners soon discover, much of the transformation they experience is unseen. These are the changes that take place internally, to our mind, spirit and soul, all interconnected to our body and each other.

Your practice is your own; be aware of your body be in the moment. At the same time, practicing in a group of people all breathing, moving and holding poses in synchronicity, with singular focus and common purpose, generates an energy that finds its way into everyone in the space.


A morning yoga class can be a springboard to an amazing day, or it can take a day that may have begun with a challenge and totally turn it around.

A mid-day class is a stress relieving workout, resetting and recharging, or it can help carry an awesome morning through the rest of the day.

Afternoon and evening classes may serve as a cool down period, a transition from a hectic, high-velocity day into a relaxing, enjoyable evening.

A weekend class will help you recover from the previous week, or recharge you for the next one.


Yoga classes can be held indoors wherever there are four walls and a floor, or outdoors anywhere space allows – beach, park, rooftop, pavilion in the mountains or even a city street are just a few examples. The actual floor footprint needed to perform most yoga asana series is a narrow rectangle approximately 3ft x 8ft, with enough space for arms to reach straight up and extend out on all sides.